About the Ohio Mile Track

The Ohio Mile

Located at Airborne Park, southeast side of the town of Wilmington, Ohio just off Interstate 71 midway between Cincinnati and Columbus.

Track entrance is off of Airborne Road.  An address to use for your GPS is 2870 Old State Road 73. This is a business across the street from the entrance of the track.

Elevation is 1077 feet above sea level

The track is 9000 feet long by 150 wide offering two 33 foot wide lanes

The finish line is one mile from the start. You are timed in a 132 foot trap, one at the half mile and one at the finish line.

Please Note: The Wilmington Airpark is Class D Airspace during the week and Class E on the weekends (when the tower is not in operation)… It's is not a Public Airport, Prior Permission is required to land there, It's NOT normally granted, It is not available to the racers or spectators as a place to land and come watch the races. It is a Federal offense to trespass on this property.

Cars and Motorcycles compete at all events. With over 4400 classes, we are sure you can find one for you!!!

Event Rainout Policy

If an event is cancelled by the ECTA because of inclement weather, pre-paid entry fees can either be applied to a future event or refunded.  There will be a $50 processing charge.

Press Policy

Any and all representatives of the press will be required to check in at the registration trailer upon entering the facility.  To be recognized by the ECTA and its volunteer’s as press/reporters/photographers while on property, a numbered vest will be issued by the ECTA for a deposit of $20.00.  Upon return of the vest, the $20.00 deposit will be returned or, if held by credit card, transaction will not be submitted for payment.

Any questions concerning Press privileges, please contact Donna Timney at 302-373-7165 or donnatimney@yahoo.com.

Offical Fuel of ECTA

VP Racing Image

VP110 (107 Octane) $45

C12 (108 Octane) $60

Q16 (Oxygenated Octane 116) $80

C16 (117 Octane) $75

C 23 (Leaded 120+ Octane) $85

MR 12 (Leaded Oxygenated-87 octane MC) $110

U 4.4 (Leaded Oxygenated-103 octane MC) $70

VP113 (Leaded-Oxygenated Fuel-109 octane) $60

VP 100 (Unleaded / Oxygenated 96 octane Street Legal) $65

MS109 (Unleaded / 101 Octane) $70

VPR (Leaded Oxygenated-101) $55

C9 (Unleaded / Non-Oxygened-92 Octane) $50

C10 (Unleaded / Non-Oxygened-96 Octane) $65

T4 (unleaded-Oxygenated-93 Octane) $55

All Prices are for a 5 gallon pail. These are track prices only.

To view other fuels offered by VP, please click on this link: http:// vpracingfuels.com /.

To arrange for trackside delivery of non-stocked fuels, please contact James Forrest, our fuel representative.



Please Note: To run in the ‘Gas Class’, you are allowed to run unlead, leaded or oxygenated gas. Nitro and alcohol and E85 require you to run in the ‘Fuel Class’.

Gate Times

Friday: 8 AM to 6 PM

Saturday 6 AM to 8 PM

Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM


$15 Weekend / $10 Sunday only. Children 12 and under get in FREE! Be sure to bring your lawn chairs. We use FM Radio for speed broadcasts. Frequencies will be posted as you come into the track.


Here are some pdf's to download showing the track layout.

Full Map with Parking

Gate to Pits

Main intersection & registration

Shutdown with lanes

Vendors, spectators and pre-stage

Camping Area for Racers


Airborne Airpark History

The airport opened in 1929 and a small hanger was built in 1930. The landing strip was approved by the Civil Works Administration in 1933. In 1940, the Civil Aeronautics Authority took control of Wilmington Airport for use as an emergency landing field. In 1942, the Army Air Corps took over the airport, renaming it Clinton County Army Air Field. The Air Material Command the airfield for glider research, training and development until the end of World WarII.

The airfield was closed after World War II, but reopened during the Korean War. By 1958, the Clinton County Air Force Base was home to the newly created 249th Air Reserve Training Wing. The runway was extended from 6,000 to 9,000 feet in 1960. The air force base was closed in 1971 and its operations were transferred to Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus.

The base was decommissioned in 1972 and the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) began developing the area as the Wilmington Industrial Air Park (WIAP). It also became home to the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District. In 1977, the Southern State Community College opened, using old barracks buildings as classrooms. In 1980, Midwest Air Charter was acquired by Airborne Freight Corporation, resulting in Airborne Express, which became the largest tenant at WIAP and resulted in the airfield being named Airborne Airpark.

On January 19, 2010, DHL agreed to turn over the airport, including its two runways, control tower, buildings and cargo storage facilities to the Clinton County Port Authority. While no concrete plans have been set, the port authority plans to work with local and state officials on redeveloping the property.

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