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Stuff For Sale: Cars, Parts, and Motorcycles – ECTA Members Check It Out!

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We've had several people contact us recently with stuff that they are selling. Rather that load up on a bunch of different posts, we're going to run it all here in the same spot. These are ECTA members who have stuff to sell and we're spreading the word on their behalf. If you have something to sell, let me know by sending and email with information and photos to



Wayne Pollack is selling two motorcycles a street legal land speed bike and a 1990 FXR with a 124ci S&S engine. The two motorcycles are shown below and if you click ON THIS LINK you will find extensive information on both of the motorcycles. If they aren't your speed but you know someone in the market, share the link. A couple of beautiful pieces here and that LSR bike really looks like a runner. 

bike1 bike2


Bob Hustler is selling a car and a transmission. Here's the listing on the car -

The car is a 1989 ford probe rolling chassis with everything except engine, headers, and carb. It will come with everything else. Floater 9 inch rear,with gear, 4 link, strut front,welborn fuel pump, 2- 13 lbs fire bottles.T-101a transmission. Has run 228 at Ohio first time on the mile with no tuning. New car with many new parts and all spares. For further information call me. 3368470301  $17,500

phone pics july 2015 133 phone pics nov 2015 (104)


Here's the listing on the transmission -

For sale is a T101-A transmission with shifter. The internals look almost new. 2.68 first,1.60 second and 1.20 third.  $2800 . My cell is 3368470301

transmission 002 transmission 004



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