It is officially GO time for 2015 ECTA event registration. Below you will find the link to the 2014 ECTA event registration form and on that form you will find a link to the electronic registration page. We understand that there has been a bit of an "up and down" situation today with the e-registration but we're working on that as you are reading this. Mailing your registration form in is just as good as the e-registration and as always we would encourage you to do either without delay as the first meet of the season is normally a quick sell out. 

As we have done for several years, the first meet will be comprised of our normal vast array of classes along with the Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge. This is a great event for first timers to come and check out what land speed racing is all about, see the diversity of equipment, the mechanical creativity exhibited by the racers, and the jaw dropping performances that have marked this event since its inception. We're going to have a busy year at the ECTA in 2015 and we're kicking it off right!