As was announced at the driver's meeting prior to the start of the September meet, the July 2015 Ohiol Mile event will be held on the distance of a half mile instead of the normal mile format. Why? Historically the July meet has been very light on car count and that trend showed no signs of improving, so we decided to take it in a new direction.

The idea of hosting this meet as a half mile event is to cast a wider net for racers, spectators, and gearheads in general to come see what we are all about and what the sport of land speed racing is all about in a more accessible atmosphere. Getting a wider range of people onto the course and in an environment that is less intimidating for a new racer than a typical meet full of polished, veteran racers is the goal. 

In the coming weeks we will be releasing more information, rules, and all that good stuff regarding this event that will be happening in July 2015. We're expecting lots of people who are brand new to the Ohio Mile and brand new to the world of land speed racing and you all know how that works! Once you get this stuff in your blood it is impossible to shake. The idea is to take the spark that some of these enthusiast have and turn that into the fire of competition that burns in the bellies of all of our racers. 

We know how great our community is and we want to show that to a wide ranging group of people who have not discovered it yet.