Have you ever given up something you really liked doing? As one ages, it becomes clearer that time is starting to run faster and faster. We start to see that we cannot do everything we want or need to accomplish. So after 16 years of being the Chief Timing and ten years as President, it is now time to retire!!!

It has been my privilege to enjoy the best seat in the house for 83 meets and time over 30,000 passes but I am a racer who wants to get back before I’m too old!!! Donna has been involved since our purchase from John Beckett as the Secretary, handling the Vehicle Numbers, Record Certifications, Rule Book Revisions, the Ladies Auxiliary Fund and herding all of the racers. She has also had to put up with me after a long weekend. Donna is also a racer and her bike has been sitting for 2 years waiting for enough time to run it.

We look forward to being able to come back and be racers again. We look forward to having time to travel to see our children and grandchildren. We look forward to having a REAL VACATION.

We have really enjoyed our ECTA Family and our partners Keith and Tonya Turk and we will miss all of you. We want to thank all of the volunteers through the years who made it possible for us to put on an event, without you, we are nothing!

We are very proud to announce that Brian and Kerri Lohnes will be taking over for us. They have some really great ideas and bring a different background to the sport, one of which is the fact that they are a heck of a lot younger that me!!!  We know that you will be in good hands.

Just remember that we are just a phone call, e-mail or the next pit space over, so keep in touch.

Joe & Donna