September 28 & 29

  The ECTA Street Bike Shootout event will be held in conjunction with the normal ECTA event.  2013 will be the 8th annual motorcycle event and Trophies will be awarded for the fastest speed turned in each for six classes:

650cc Class: no power adder
750cc Class: no power adder
1000cc Class: no power adder
1000cc Class: one power adder (nitrous or turbo)
Unlimited Class: no power adder
Unlimited: nitrous Class: no capacity limit
Unlimited: turbo Class: no capacity limit
Twin Cylinder Class: anything goes

Don Hass

Don Haas on his GSXR1000 Suzuki

One special note: We want to mention is that not only has Don Hass entered this event all seven times which is pretty special. He has also won his class EVERY YEAR!!!


  • All bikes must have a 2013 tag in your state and it must be shown to ECTA officials. We will require you to present your registration paperwork and VIN.

  • The bike must have a working headlight and taillight.

  • The bike must be ridden by the registered owner.

  • Power adder classes may have only one “power adder” nitrous, turbo or supercharger installed.

  • All motor classes may not have any power adder installed.

  • All bikes must pass the ECTA safety requirements.