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We are pleased to announce the VP Racing Fuels has agreed to be the ECTA Official Fuel Supplier. The following fuels will be available at the track:

VP110 (107 Octane)

C12 (108 Octane)

Q16 (Oxygenated116 Octane)

C16 (117 Octane)

C 23 (Leaded 120+ Octane)

MR 12 (Leaded Oxygenated-87 octane MC)

U 4.4 (Leaded Oxygenated-103 octane MC)

VP113 (Leaded-Oxygenated -109 octane)

VP 100 (Unleaded / Oxygenated 96 octane Street Legal)

MS109 (Unleaded / 101 Octane)

VPR (Leaded Oxygenated-101)

C9 (Unleaded / Non-Oxygened-92 Octane)

C10 (Unleaded / Non-Oxygened-96 Octane)

T4 (unleaded-Oxygenated-93 Octane)

To view other fuels offered by VP, please click on this link: http:// vpracingfuels.com /.

To arrange for trackside delivery of non-stocked fuels, please contact James Forrest, our fuel representative.



Please Note: To run in the ‘Gas Class’, you are allowed to run unlead, leaded or oxygenated gas. Nitro and alcohol require you to run in the ‘Fuel Class’.