For most of us, the season can not get here fast enough! We have some exciting changes in store for you starting at the April Meet.


You will have the half mile speed in addition to the mile speed posted on your time slip. We have added a 15 inch high readout display that will first show the half mile speed, then the mile posting for every run. It will be located near the first turn-out so it can be viewed from the spectator area and should be visible from the starting line.


Brian Lohnes, from, has accepted the announcing position for 2013. He will be roaming the pits on Friday, gathering speed secrets that he can share between runs down the track. Brian has years of race track announcing and is one funny guy! We will be broadcasting on FM in addition to the CB radio.

Registering for an event:

We are hard at work getting our new registration system implemented by February 1st. The plan includes an e-mail reply for your registration request, letting you know that you have been accepted or that you are on the reserve list.

Rule Changes for 2013:

A list is posted here: