The temperature AND the competition were smokin’. Temperatures reached 103 degrees and the heat index was over 113 but that didn’t stop our racers from Pounding the record books.


July Records



New 200 MPH Club Members

How about the Milholland Hat Trick? Zack, Chad and Danny all got into the 200 MPH club.








John Ciancitto goes 203.450mph in his American.






Walter Medlin went 200.324mph in the Bruce Lensmeyer-Walter Medlin Turbine


Other 200MPH Club Inductees


Bob Sellers 202.892 MPH


Elliot England 207.042 MPH


Mark Gordon 204.538 MPH


Dean Sabatinelli 234.090


Bill Warner 231.162 MPH


Calvin Smith 211.060 MPH


Congratulations to all!!!











Pictures by John Eken, Max Hettiger, David Whealon and stolen from other sources