Fire System Safety Seminar

Fire System Safety Seminar

We are pleased to announce that another Safety Seminar will be offered during the July Meet. Guest speakers Jim Zwergel and Nicole Rebyanski from FIREFOX Industries will be offering an informative insight into fire suppression systems.

The Seminar will be held on Saturday night July 12th from 8 to 9 PM at the Conference Room off the main lobby at the Holiday Inn Express.

I am sorry to have to announce that the Fire Suppression Seminar set for Saturday Night will be re-scheduled for the September Event due to family commitment need.

2014 June Meet Results

The June meet results are posted. Great weather and a light turnout added up to many racers got in excess of 10 runs, some as many as 14 passes. All we can say is "You should of been there!!!"

This is a link to the records set at the meet. The records report is live, so you can click on the header to re-sort the list.

June Meet Records Report

June Run Log

Final Report by Classes

 If you have any records questions, corrections or comments, run log and race reports, then click on this link:

Please include your vehicle number, your run number and time.

ECTA 200 MPH Club Rings are now available!

We have a special announcement for the ECTA 200 MPH club members.


With everyone headed to the track this weekend there will be some big news ahead. I am breaking it here first but there will be order forms and flyers at the track as well. The company will need 18 orders to avoid the tooling costs so if you are interested please act now.

Click here for the official order form

Please note: The ECTA is not involved with the ordering of the rings as you will be going directly to the manufacturer. We would like to thank E. Don Smith for all his efforts putting this together.

10th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge Winners


The 10th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge may have started out slow but the last two hours on Sunday turned out to be one of the most action packed event we have ever experienced.

In the Super Street class, we had some strong contenders. Two very fast entries had big issues with Tim Slone pushing out a valve cover gasket when he hurt the motor causing a big fire and slowed to a 181.5963. Mike Reichen blew the motor for a 183.3741 pass. Rick Holback laid done a 202.1563 pass and got his 200MPH Club Hat. Brian Acton showed the way with a blistering pass of 217.9147 to take Super Street.

The Real Street Class really got interesting with less than two hours to go, the entries of Death Proof (Billy Amaral and Ian MacAuthur) and the Time Bomb (David & Michael Matyjasik) battled it out, each making 3 passes trying to win a jacket. Billy ran a 206.6116, then David clicked off a 206.327. Billy added more nitrous for a 207.0870 run. David came back at 5:59 for the last pass of the event for a 206.0440mph, just too short to cover Billy.

Congratulations to Billy Amaral and Brian Acton.

The 10th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge

The first 2014 event scheduled for May 3rd & 4th is almost filled. If you are planning to attend, please don't delay entering. Along with the race, we will be hosting the 10th Annual Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge. Here is your chance to show the world that your Hot Rod is one of the fastest Street Car's in the World!!!


Registration is Open For the May 3&4th Meet

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