Enjoy These 1950s Bonneville Films As You Relax On Sunday – A Fun Look Back Into LSR History

These 1950s Bonneville Videos Are Your Sunday Moment Of Hot Rodding Zen

Sometimes you just need something cool to balance our your day, especially on a Sunday when you are relaxing and gearing up for a work week that is looming ahead. We found a couple of really amazing films taken at Bonneville in the early 1950s that show everything from the SCTA setting up the course, to the technical inspection process, to hot rods racing down the salt. My first experience at Bonneville came last year and it forever changed me and my understanding about hat exactly happens out there on the vast whiteness of the salt flats. The thing that I was most interested to see was how the experience stacked up against the old films and videos I have watched over the years, similar to the ones you see below. Outside of the look of the push trucks and some of the more modern aerodynamic designs, I believe that it looks and feels much the same as you’ll see in these videos.

Yes, there are more spectators for the first few days, but let’s be honest. The place is still in the middle of absolute nowhere, the cars are all very cool and unique and outside of some banners and stuff there is no corporate presence that is dominating the racing. No pyro, no jumbo-trons, nothing of that sort is even on the radar at Bonneville. The whole point of the exercise is for people to bring their stuff to one of the harshest environments on Earth and run it as hard and as fast as it can go just like it was 100 years ago when the first runs were made there.

The 2014 running of Bonneville Speed Week will be something else because of the fact that it is the 100th anniversary of the world’s coolest natural race track being used for top speed runs and the best part is that the 100th will be honored as the 1st and 99th were, by the hard work and peak performances of the racers that flock there every August. People talk about the purity of competition at Bonneville and what we can tell you is that it still feels the same way that these videos look and that has only been through the hard work and dedication of the SCTA. THIS is some truly neat stuff. Watch the videos below.





    Roll With Joe Heffernan As He Makes The Fastest 500cc Mile Pass In History With A Crossing Headwind

    One of the things that has presented the steepest learning curve for a life-long car only enthusiast is figuring our the madness that is motorcycle land speed racing. There's a massive array of classes, engines, and chassis that riders use. Entertainment value from 50cc all the way up to the big, hairy turbo bikes is high and with each meet I find myself learning a little more about these neat machines. In this video we ride along with Joe Heffernan with the awesomely named FoilHat Racing crew as he rips down to the fastest 500cc mile pass ever at a shade above 185mph. 

    The most interesting thing about this video is watching Heffernan deal with a crossing headwind at speed. Having seen many motorcycles come through the traps with some "lean", it is a completely different thing to actually see what that looks like from the driver's perspective. Wow does it look creepy! Joe kept the throttle pinned wide open on this run and you can actually see the digital dash reporting the RPM and speed of the motorcycle as it streaks down course. 

    This is a fun rider's eye view of what it is like to tackle the course on a motorcycle!

    Take A Ride Down The Ohio Mile In A 202 MPH AMC Gremlin!


    One of the things that we love about land speed racing is the diversity of the equipment that we see at every meet. Between vintage cars and motorcycles, modern cars with vintage engines, incredible looking streamliners and lakesters, or just plain freaks that are fast it is a sport unlike any other. The proof of that statement is in the pudding, so let's have some in the form of the video below which plunks us right in the cockpit of an AMC Gremlin packed full of turbocharged Chevy engine. On this run, the car that normally sees drag strip duty runs 202mph through the lights on a cold day at the 2012 Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge, which takes place at the first meet of our season each year. 

    As the air is both friend and enemy to land speed racers, let's pay attention to the effect that air has on the fiberglass cowl hood that this car wears. To say that some "things are happening" at the top end of this run at 200mph would be an understatement. Watch that thing flex, flop, and move!


    DIY AutoTune Goes 7 For 7 At Ohio Mile September Meet – Seven Runs and Seven Records


    DIYAutoTune's MegaSquirt 3-Pro 240SX Sets 7 Records in 7 Passes
    #787 sings The Alphabet Song with records in classes AA, A, B, C, D, E, F… and F/BGALT
    Atlanta, GA: Today, DIYAutoTune, an industry leader in feature-rich plug-n-play and professional engine management systems, announced that their #787 MegaSquirt 3-Pro powered Nissan 240SX returned from the East Coast Timing Association's Ohio Mile owning land speed records in 6-of-15 blown gas coupe classes and one in altered. The weekend's success marks 8 total records for the DIYAutoTune team with surprisingly more in their sights.
    DIYAutotune CEO/ driver Jerry Hoffmann purpose-built the Toyota 3.0 Liter 2JZ-GTE motor specifically for the F-class, which has a maximum displacement of 3.014 L. However, no class rules prevent competing within larger motor classes, so the team decided to make a run for as many records as possible. The outcome was really astonishing: 7 new records in 7 passes, several in classes where purpose-built motors are more than twice the displacement! Here are the official race results:
    Run      Class          Displacement (cid)         Displacement (L)         New Record/ Previous (mph)
    1           E/BGC        184.00-260.99                 3.015-4.276                  204.64/ 166.63
    2           D/BGC        261.00-305.99                4.277-5.014                  203.53/ 194.13
    3           F/BGALT    123.00-183.99                 2.016-3.014                  205.38/ Open
    4           C/BGC        306.00-372.99                5.015-6.111                  194.22/ Open
    5           B/BGC        373.00-439.99                6.112-7.209                  203.71/ 136.69
    6           A/BGC        440.00-500.99                7.210-8.209                  203.98/ 134.12
    7           AA/BGC      501.00+                           8.210+                            203.98/ Open
    The DIYAutoTune 240SX Land Speed Project began in 2010. Producing the first record was nearly 5 years in the making, representing the sheer grit and determination involved. Now the team is on a roll and the sky's the limit! Follow the journey from the beginning on our current Bonneville or Bust blog page: http://www.diyautotune.com/cars/project/diyautotune_s13_240sx.htm
    About us:
    DIYAutoTune has built a strong following in the drag racing and road racing industries. Based in Suwanee, GA, DIYAutoTune is the leading manufacturer of MegaSquirt® Engine Management Systems. Made at our facility in the USA, we offer an affordable way to run your race car on a fully programmable fuel injection and ignition controller, with plenty of high end features such as individual cylinder trims, progressive nitrous control, boost control, 3 step rev limiters, VVT control for up to 4 cams, and spare outputs to control just about anything! Our MegaSquirt 3-Pro Stand Alone and MSPNP-Pro Plug-N-Play systems are the most robust and cost-effective in the market today.
    Please connect with us:
    Website: www.diyautotune.com
    Like us/ follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diyautotune Follow us on Twitter: @DIYAutoTune
    DIYAutoTune would like to officially thank our sponsors: Prestolite-Quicktime, Powerhouse Racing, Ball Engines, Rev Valves, Cool Shirt, Stance, Fat Cat Fabrication, Zen Motors, Simpson, DJ Safety & Bell Intercoolers. Parts Vendors: Precision Turbo, Mahle Pistons, Manley, DynoTech, King Bearings, G-Force Transmissions, Goodyear, BF-Goodrich & Aeromotive, Dailey Engineering, Rear End Shop, Swift Racing Technology.
    Picture 8

    Watch This Cool Piece On NASCAR Legend And ECTA Racer Dave Marcis Complete With Great Old Footage And Footage From The Ohio Mile As Well

    It is always fun when we get to see the #71 head down the mile at Wilmington because it represents a lot of history, blood, sweat, and tears. We don't normally equate NASCAR racers with the land speed racing world but Dave Marcis sure fits the bill. He had the land speed racer's mentality and spirit in a sport that certainly does not breed it. One of the last truly independant drivers, team owners, mechanics, and all around wrenchmen in the realm of professional stock car racing he defined what it meant to be a hard nosed racer until his retirement a little more than a decade ago. Now in his 70s, Marcis still love going fast and we sure love seeing him at Wilmington. 

    For those of you at the September meet you know that he provided us with a little bit of a thrill on his first run and lots of laughs on his second run when he hauled his nearl 220mph stock car down to make the first turn off after going a little on the long side the first trip down. He's a racer through and through and this film about what his career and life after NASCAR has been like really is great. You'll see footage of him racing back in the day as well as making a rip down the Ohio Mile as well. Truly a great watch!


    WHERE ARE THEY NOW DAVE MARCIS from Joel Maydak on Vimeo.

    TLN Motorsports Ends The 2014 Ohio Mile Season In Record Scorching Style – Another Successful Land Speed Campaign As One Bike Is Retired And Another Comes Online

    Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports returned to Wilmington, OH on September 27-28th for the last round of the ECTA Land Speed Racing season featuring the Street Bike Shootout with high expectations knowing it would be the last event for the teams 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6rr. The goal was 6 new Land Speed Racing records and to win the N/A 650cc Street Bike Shootout class.


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    Half Mile Racing Comes To Wilmington In July 2015 – Unique Meet Set To Draw New Competitors To The Sport

    As was announced at the driver's meeting prior to the start of the September meet, the July 2015 Ohiol Mile event will be held on the distance of a half mile instead of the normal mile format. Why? Historically the July meet has been very light on car count and that trend showed no signs of improving, so we decided to take it in a new direction.

    The idea of hosting this meet as a half mile event is to cast a wider net for racers, spectators, and gearheads in general to come see what we are all about and what the sport of land speed racing is all about in a more accessible atmosphere. Getting a wider range of people onto the course and in an environment that is less intimidating for a new racer than a typical meet full of polished, veteran racers is the goal. 

    In the coming weeks we will be releasing more information, rules, and all that good stuff regarding this event that will be happening in July 2015. We're expecting lots of people who are brand new to the Ohio Mile and brand new to the world of land speed racing and you all know how that works! Once you get this stuff in your blood it is impossible to shake. The idea is to take the spark that some of these enthusiast have and turn that into the fire of competition that burns in the bellies of all of our racers. 

    We know how great our community is and we want to show that to a wide ranging group of people who have not discovered it yet. 



    Ohio Mile Video: Ride On Brandon Reiser’s Fork As He Runs 156mph On His Harley Sportster

    The Reiser family regularly compete at the Ohio Mile on a selection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Patriarch Tom is the founder and owner of T-Man Performance, a shop specializing in making Harleys go real, real fast. His own ProCharged bagger Harley has run well over 200mph at Wilmington. On this run we're riding on his son Brandon's motorycycle as he heads down the course on a 1200cc Sportster achieving a terminal speed of 156mph. We really like the sound of this baby when Brandon is really pouring on the coals. At 156, it is a pretty hard running V-Twin. 

    Got cool Ohio Mile video links? Send them to Brianlohnes@gmail.com


    Ohio Mile Video: Watch Jerry Hoffmann Run 200+ In His 2JZ Powered Nissan 240

    One of the things we want to do a better job of here at the ECTA's website is highlighting the big runs and accomplishments of our racers throughout the season. The final meet of the 2014 year was great with almost 600 runs being completed over the course of Saturday and Sunday, tons of records set, and personal bests that were nearly too numerous to count. We'd like to thank everyone that was at the meet and we're looking forward to a productive, successful, and most imporantly safe and fast 2015. If you have video of your car or motorcycle streaking down the Ohio Mile, please shoot us the links brianlohnes@gmail.com – Our goal is to make the Ohio Mile website a busy and vibrant place where you'll stop by not just for the records and schedule but also to see some cool stuff!

    Press play below to see Jerry Hoffmann make a 200+ Mph blast down the Ohio Mile course in his 2Jz Powered Nissan 240 - 

    Action Photos From The September 2014 Meet – DW Photos

    David Whelan of DW Photos does a spectacular job at each and every meet capturing great scenes of action on the track and fun in the pits. David is the official photographer of the ECTA and we'd encourage all of you to check out the various galleries of photos below by clicking on the links. If you see anything you like, David can have prints made and all that good stuff. People at the office don't believe that you go 200+ on a bike or 150+ in your car? Here's a great way to prove it to them. These photos are also a great way to thank and recognize sponsors and supporters, especially now that the holiday season is bearing down upon us. Lastly, when we're a couple feet deep in snow, remembering that afternoon you were sweating in your firesuit can help to knock the edge off!